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MATA Trolley Line Service

Trolleys on the Main Street Line, on the Riverside Line and on the Madison Avenue Line will help move FedExForum-bound visitors from parking in and around the South Main Arts District, the Pinch District near the Pyramid and parking at a MATA park and ride lot at Madison and Cleveland to games, concerts and other events at the arena. Main Street trolleys run northbound and southbound and the closest stops to FedExForum are those at Beale Street and at Linden Avenue. Hearty Madison Avenue Line riders may opt to walk the few remaining blocks to FedExForum once they arrive downtown while others may wish to connect with a southbound trolley on the Main Street Line.

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The trolley base fare is $1 per trip. Senior and disabled fare is $0.50 per trip. The Lunchtime Fare for all riders (11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) is also $0.50 per trip.

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