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FedExForum Parking Garage

FedExForum Parking Garage

FedExForum offers 1,500 parking spaces in the five-level attached parking garage. There are two entrances to the garage, both on Linden Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets. Parking is sold on a season basis for Memphis Grizzlies games and Memphis Tigers games. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis for non-basketball events at FedExForum. Parking rates are set based on the type of event being held at FedExForum.

Additional Parking Options

An additional 6,700 spaces are available in area parking lots within a quarter mile radius of FedExForum.

Review parking options:

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» North (PDF)

» South (PDF)

Disabled Parking and Drop Off / Pick Up Locations

Parking for guests with disabilities is available in the FedExForum parking garage, and the Linden Avenue marshalling area. All vehicles must have a current state-issued hang tag or license plate.

The designated drop-off location for disabled patrons is located on the northside of FedExForum, off the Beale Street alley which can be reached by turning eastbound off Third Street, which runs one-way north.

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Vehicles must be attended at all times while in the alley and must display a current state-issued hang tag or license plate.

Drop Off / Pick Up Locations

Guest, limo, taxi, and express shuttle bus drop off is located at the east end of the arena on Fourth Street between Beale and Linden Avenue. Vehicles dropping off or picking up guests are not allowed to sit or park. Unattended vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed at owner's expense.

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